GR5 Trip video

I’m only at half way of editing the photos, but I’m done with the video already!:)

I didn’t spend too much time with this one as I had kind of a clear vision what to do. Again I would have liked to shoot much more material but it’s really battery consuming and exhausting, especially when you’re alone and there’s no one else to shoot at. I feel also that it often disturbs the walking experience if thinking too much about the shooting and to stop and set up the things too often. But I hope you guys like the outcome, at least editing was fun as always:



What an amazing adventure to hike all the way from Lake Geneva to Nice! I just got back home yesterday and it’s hard to believe that I really did it. When I finally saw the sea after one month of walking, it was just one of the greatest moments in my life.


It’s too soon to write anything else except that everything went just well. Only few really bad weather days, only one minor blister and the walking itself felt so strong that I didn’t really need rest days. Only thing I didn’t like so much was the amount of snow in the first half of the hike… but I kicked and slided myself through it. Here are few photos for the less patient ones, and also statistical summary of the trip (haven’t yet double check the numbers). Now it feels really weird to be back home and to leave very simple life on trail behind.

Thanks for everyone for the support and greetings for all the great people met on trail. All the photos, video and trip report will come in following months as usual.






GoExpo, Veikka G and 29km

Nice and sunny weekend in Southern Finland made me to walk some serious kilometres for a change. A six hour sprint with a semi full backpack to Järvenpää, ~29km, along very icy and uncomfortable roads and partly following skiing tracks and then by train back home, served well in a training purpose. The area around Tuusula lake looked very interesting in a historical and architectural aspect and would have been nice to have more energy left to explore the area more. There was the the cottage where our national author Aleksis Kivi had died, some ateljees, Erkkola house for arts, Lotta Svärd museum and many others.. I definitely have to go back by bike in the summer time!

Antti Rantanen 2012 March walk 01

On sunday I went to visit the GoExpo2012, an outdoor&camera expo where few of my B&W Alps photos were also shown:

(see the original post here)

Antti Rantanen GoExpo Alpit

Antti Rantanen GoExpo Alpit

However, the real highlight of the weekend was to listen Veikka Gustafsson, the man who has ascended all 14 eight-thousanders in the world without the use of bottled oxygen, giving a speech about his 20 years spent in high Himalayan mountains. I’ve never meet him before but now I had a chance to see him “live” for the first time and even shake hands. What an inspirational person!

Veikka Gustafsson