GR5 – DAY 0, Advent Calendar

In July 2013 I solo hiked the most famous part of the GR5 long distance walking route, The Grand Traverse of the Alps, from Lake Geneva to Nice, roughly 600km over the beautiful French Alps. I have finally finished editing the photos so it’s time to post them here. As the amount of trail days goes almost hand in hand with the days before Xmas Eve, I’ll post every day one trail day, like an advent calendar. Don’t forget to check the one and only, true outdoor advent calendar at Hiking in Finland!

I won’t be writing much to these posts because I’m currently working with a book about my hike. So let’s save the details and some writing energy into that!

Here’s the day zero, the day of travelling to the starting point of the GR5:



Ascent: 800 m

Descent: 0 m

Distance: 7 km

Time on trail: 15:30 – 18:00


All my gear got nicely into my Osprey Exos 58. The most important gear being my RAB Alpine 400 down sleeping bag and Vaude Power lizard tent, both weighing about one kilo. My idea was to sleep in a tent as many nights as possible. I took dry dinner food and snacks for a week. In total the weight of the backpack was around 13 kilos, plus the water.



I took an early morning Finnair flight to Geneva, then a bus to Evian and finally a taxi to the village of St.Gingolph at the border of France and Switzerland. Feeling confident at the beginning of the trail. I had read about a nice meadow couple of hours further on the trail…


Hard day of travelling behind but finally began to feel relaxed between the first line of mountains. From now on it would be easy; there’s the trail, just keep walking. Heavy rain in the evening.


Unauthorized use of your outdoor photos

I found out an article which showed how to use the Google Image search to look for your own photos online.

When you’re in the image search tab, there’s an icon of a camera in the right side of the search bar. Press that and it gives you an option to copy paste an image url, for example from your blog, and see if that spesific image is found elsewhere online. You can also add a photo from your own computer hard drive and check if that private image has been leaked to internet. But I would not recommend to upload your photos to Google servers to be checked, who knows what happens to them after that let alone speaking the questionable user terms of Google.

But anyway, I ran a quick check of some of my blog photos and this is what I found:

Photo of my RAB sleeping bag, taken by me at my patio has found it’s way to a spanish online store:

(edit: this store apologized and gave an explanation of mixed information between the store and RAB Spain. Perhaps I should investigate deeper because I’m wondering why RAB Spain thought that I’m their sponsored blogger?)


This article about GR20 is illustrated with familiar looking photos. Indeed, three out of five photos in the article are mine:



(edit: this website asnwered too and promised to correct the things. They were very sorry too.)

One hungarian outdoor website went the furthest, four of my photos were in their GR20 gallery THEIR LOGO added to them. But they were sorry and removed the photos immediately when I asked. Although no explanation was given. I have also contacted these two other websites.

I don’t mind if my outdoor photos are used elsewhere, it means they have been good in quality and that people like them. But the least one should do is to mention the origin of the photo. That’s where my line goes. And these examples I found clearly crossed that line. And it pisses me off if it’s done for a commercial use. But in the end, the result of my check wasn’t that bad as I was afraid that my photos would have been in much wider use.

Have you guys similar experiences?