Cleveland Way done

I’m back home from another beautiful expedition – Cleveland Way is succesfully done. Some 177km of unforgettable trail and landscapes walked through. Well worth of doing and would recommend it to every outdoor people. I’ll write more comprehensive trip report as soon as I have time, as well as putting together a short movie. Photos are ready anyway:) At the moment you can have a look at them HERE. What you think of them? I was quite happy with the performance of my Samsung wb2000 point and shoot pocket camera.


Cleveland Way, ready to go!

In few hours I’ll be flying to Manchester for the first main hike of the summer. Quite excited feeling since it has been exactly one year since my previous multiday hike which took place in the Netherlands last spring.

The gear is ready and eager to go as you’ll see in the picture:) Few big chances are the new Osprey Exos 58 rucksack, Rab Alpine 400 sleeping bag and renewed camera gear. Well I actually downgraded my big and bulky dslr to a nice pocket camera, the Samsung wb2000. The photos in this and the previous two posts are taken with this little beast so it seems to be a good enough for my needs. It also shoots full-hd video:) Well after this trip I’ll be much wiser towards the new gear and how everything worked and that’s good info for the coming Corsica trip.

(photo from

The walking will begin sunday afternoon and after that me and my brother will have six full days to cover 177 km and to reach the exit point either in Scarborough or Filey depending on our progress. No hostels or hotels but sleeping in a tent at the camp sites along the route. Let’s hope for a fair weather!

Big thanks to all readers and those who have given support for this small expedition! Over and out for now, next post most likely after coming back since I hope to have an internet free week:)

Sunday walk: Last training 26km

Exactly in one week from now I’ll be tackling the first kilometers of the Cleveland Way in UK, so today’s walk was supposed to serve as some kind of last moment training. Today I didn’t pack my backpack full though, the purpose was merely to keep up with the walking routine.

Todays route + 1,7km from station to home

I started early as usual after eating my morning porridge, stepping out from the door around 7 am. The Sun was up already and it looked to become a really nice and warm day. During the first two hours of the walk I saw one after another squirrels, pheasants and city rabbits. It was quite funny how many there were enjoying the human free morning.

And endless looking straight leading to Paloheinä outdoor lodge at the halfway point. 

My plan for the day was to walk through the long central park recreation area which would lead all the way until Pasila, and then taking train from there back home. A good plan since the so called central park was a really nice suprise. I hadn’t been there before so it was cool to experience such a long forest walk right in the heart of the Helsinki area.

There is also a long distance walk called the Route 2000 in these paths, starting from Pasila and going through Paloheinä point and then entering the vast woods of Espoo and Nuuksio park, some 110 km in total. I have to do that one of these days, maybe at the end of the summer if still longing to hit a long trail again. Anyway I was following that path today the last half.

Route 2000 map

The walk went extremely easily today and I was back home in good time, around 1:30 pm. Now the next days will include just washing up the clothes and putting the gear ready for the expedition. And not forgetting to eat as much as I can, to have some spare fats to be burnt:) I’ll give a final post before leaving so stay tuned.

The typical look of the Central Park scenery