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THE ENGLISH EDITION – how to order:

The English edition of my GR5 book – Alone Through the Alps: from Lake Geneva to Nice on the GR5, is available HERE as an Amazon Kindle eBook (or / .de / .fr) If needed, here’s a free Kindle reading application for different devices (PC, Mac, phones, tablets). A PDF alternative can be found at Payhip (requires Paypal or credit card). If having trouble obtaining the book, please contact me at a.rantsu at and we’ll sort it out.

And fear not about my English, after the initial translation, I’ve got superb help from a native English-speaker and avid long-distance hiker for copyediting the book! I hope the book will inspire people to explore the magnificent mountain range of the Alps, and not to be afraid of tackling a true Alpine crossing, as a whole or section by section. To support my writing in the future, please feel free to sent me feedback, spread the word if you liked the book or even leave a short review to Amazon.

THE FINNISH EDITION – kuinka tilata:

Helpointa ja edullisinta on suunnata verkkokirjakauppaan ja tilata painettu kirja sieltä: , tai Suomalainen , ovh 11,90 EUR.

eKirjana mm. Google Play , Elisa Kirja tai Amazon.

How to order (Finnish version):

The best way to order the printed book is from an online bookstore: , or Suomalainen , ovh 11,90 EUR.

eBook Google Play , Elisa Kirja or Amazon.

ISBN: 9789523184411
Language: Finnish
Published: 02/2015
Pages: 176
Weight: 193 grams
Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH

Includes: Detailed and lively written travel story of my GR5 hike, artistic black&white photographs, a map and statistics sheet in color. Remember, it’s not a guidebook.

I hope you’ll enjoy and please feel free to give feedback to a.rantsu at Big thanks to everyone who has helped and supported along the way!

Total cost of the project ~ 190 EUR

  • Publisher deal 99 EUR
  • Test prints 3 x 20 EUR
  • Text review service 30 EUR



As lot of people have asked me about camping and possible spots along the GR5, I wanted to publish a camping guide, which should answer to most of the typical questions. It’s complitely FREE, so just download it from the link below. I only hope that you could answer the simple poll if the guide was useful or not in your opinion.

Includes: General information about camping on GR5, a list of refuges, campsites and possible wild camping spots along the GR5 Alpine variant, all marked on the map.

ARantanen_GR5_Camping_GUIDE_FINAL (PDF, ~6.7MB)




11 thoughts on “GR5 Books & Guides

  1. Hi Great to hear your book is soon to be published. I hope to be able to read it before I do the gr5 in July/August this year. At 59 my first long solo hike. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for the inspiring blog and pictures. Best wishes Andrew,

    • Hi Andrew and thanks for your comment!
      The book will come out first in finnish and if the feedback is positive, I’ll try later to make the english translation one way or another. But one step at a time!
      Good luck with your planning and don’t hesitate to ask if needing any advice.

  2. Hi Antti,

    I was thrilled to come across your camping guide. I am from Vancouver, and we do most of our hiking with a tent and stove. I had been trying to decide whether or not I should bring one for the trip my son and I have planned for the GR 5. We have the Cicerone guide but were wondering if it might be better to take a tablet with all the books and maps in electronic format. Is it fairly easy to find place to charge batteries? Is there a place to get all the maps in an electronic format? Any advice would be most helpful.



    • Hi Brian!
      If you do most of your hikes with a tent and stove, why not along the GR5 as well! 🙂 I think it’s well worth it!
      I prefer not to have smartphones, tablets etc. with me while hiking, but that is everyones own choice of course. If you’ll take a tablet, I would still have either a guidebook or maps in physical format, just in case…
      You can charge the devices at many campsites as the toilet blocks might have plugs. Also you can ask it while eating in a restaurant for example. But I didn’t need to recharge so often, so it might be more problematic if you need to do so every 1-2 nights.
      Good luck!

  3. Hi Antti and Brian

    I plan to do the walk starting at the end of July this year.

    There is an app called Viewranger from which you can download all the maps for the route. You have to subscribe for one year to downlaod all the France maps. The actual app is free and is excellent.

    Good luck


  4. Hei, luin juuri kirjasi. Oli niin kiinnostava ja hyvällä sykkeellä etenevä kertomus, että luin sen lähes ilman taukoja. Pystyin hyvin aistimaan tunnelmat ja ympäristön ja hyvin kuvasit myös syvällisempiä fiiliksiä, joita itsensä kanssa oleminen synnyttää. Kiitos! Pitkästä aikaa mieleenpainuvin lukukokemus.

  5. Antti, I just wanted to send a giant THANK YOU for creating the camping handbook for the GR5 and for posting it for free to download. It is greatly appreciated as I hope to be able to tent or bivy along the GR5 rather than using the huts. Again, thank you!!!

    • Hei Wired, thanks and I’m glad if it’s useful. I hope the information is still valid and things haven’t changed that much. Feel free to email me if there’s something very wrong.
      Have a great time on GR5!

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