What an amazing adventure to hike all the way from Lake Geneva to Nice! I just got back home yesterday and it’s hard to believe that I really did it. When I finally saw the sea after one month of walking, it was just one of the greatest moments in my life.


It’s too soon to write anything else except that everything went just well. Only few really bad weather days, only one minor blister and the walking itself felt so strong that I didn’t really need rest days. Only thing I didn’t like so much was the amount of snow in the first half of the hike… but I kicked and slided myself through it. Here are few photos for the less patient ones, and also statistical summary of the trip (haven’t yet double check the numbers). Now it feels really weird to be back home and to leave very simple life on trail behind.

Thanks for everyone for the support and greetings for all the great people met on trail. All the photos, video and trip report will come in following months as usual.







15 thoughts on “GR5 DONE!

  1. Great, congratulations !
    I’ll do it next year, seeing how are the mountains behind of “my” lake (I live in Lausanne).
    Glad to read you.

    • We didn’t saw any other people so yea, mosquitos were the only ones to talk with. There wasn’t any snow either 😉

    • Thanks Jaakko!

      Now that you mention, during the hike I was thinking that those would be kind of the next “level”, let’s say. But seriously I won’t be taking that step in years if ever. Besides I’m really afraid of American bears. More likely is to do some similar very long hike here in Europe though in this “one month level” there is plenty to walk like northern Camino or GR10/11 in the Pyrenees. We’ll see but I feel like that the next year might be the turn of just few shorter hikes.

    • Thanks Hendrik!

      Yes indeed, one month went just superfast. Time did kind of stop there and I realized it only when back home that a whole month had gone and my summer holiday as well:D

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