GR11 – Trip video

I’m still unsure how much to write about the adventure that never ended in an epic way I had dreamed of so unlike before, I decided to edit the trip video first. Although, as my plan was to walk the whole GR11, I didn’t shoot that much material during my time there in Spain. I was constantly thinking that I’ll have time and energy to focus on filming something more interesting later on. Even though this video is compiled of quite random shots then, I hope it will reflect part of my experience in the western half of the Pyrenees.

The video is shot with Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 pocket camera.

*El Arte de Eschuchar – Gnawledge
*District Four – Kevin MacLeod (
*Floating Cities – Kevin MacLeod (


8 thoughts on “GR11 – Trip video

      • Hi Joe and thanks for your comment,

        At the moment I have no plans to go back to the Pyrenees but maybe one day:) The time lapse is just one 8 min long video clip, which is then speeded up a lot in video edit.
        I do the editing in After Effects so the animated map is done like this:
        1) Create the map in Photoshop, the red route line in a separate layer
        2) Save the two images, the red line as .png so that is transparent
        3) In After Effects move the two images to create a fake camera feeling
        4) Create a mask for the red line and animate it to reveal the underlying red line in speed you prefer

        I hope this helps 🙂

  1. Even an aborted walk is a walk with its wast potential of reflections and learning of oneself!

    Great video, thanks for sharing! Gives back the feelings and moods of my trails there…

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