Overnighting at Porkkalanniemi

A few weeks ago I took my bike and finally went all the way until the land’s end at Porkkalanniemi recreational area.


I followed first the Länsiväylä highway until Kirkkonummi before turning to south through picturusque countryside. The day was pleasantly hot to bike the 37 km and then to walk half an hour until the seaside.



I enjoyed long afternoon watching birds flying all over, boats passing by and just reading and laying in the sun. I found a nice and quiet spot at the very edge of the peninsula.



When the evening painted the landscape with late hour colors, I decided to sleep just there on the rocks and under the warm summer sky.



I left very early in the morning, hoping to see some wildlife on the way back home.


I got lucky and spotted first a huge flock of cranes and then three times a white-tailed deer crossing the road or nearby field. I am definitely going to repeat this trip in the future!