GR20 video

Yep, I managed to put the few video clips I had taken together, so here it is – our adventure in Corsica:) I hope you like it!


New year

The year changed in quite different weather as was the previous one here in southern Finland, 1 meter of snow has changed to no snow at all…

But that meant a nice day for walking especially when the first day of the year 2012 was such a beautiful one. I packed my day pack and went towards north from Tikkurila, through some forest paths and finally finding myself on top of the Kulomäki-hill – a nice spot where I have never been before. I enjoyed the silence and peace all around, the contrast to noisy New Years Eve celebration the night before was quite dramatic.


It was nice to look back to the past year and to remember for a while what kind of adventures I had experienced. Conquering the rocky paths of Corsica and moors of UK were great but so were all of the many sunday walks just around here at home. What will this year bring, I’m not sure yet but this first day promises good:)

Time to look forward! I’ve been working with the GR20-video which should be coming out in the near future. I also have some new gear to test and talk about.. and to put in to good use!

Maybe a week in Scotland, West Highland Way or something would be a nice spring break;)

Happy hiking year 2012 everyone!