The Year 2013

A small update on what’s going on now that the year has changed. I have some ideas for this year but nothing can be said for sure yet. I would like to do something big, a multiweek hike, and actually if following the pattern of my last years adventures, this year it’s time for that again. So far July seems the best option to keep a longer holiday and that would indicate an Alpine trek:) I have no hurry to decide the destination but I have kind of started to train for it.. just in case, and for fun! For the first time since living here in Helsinki area I have done cross-country skiing which is very beneficial long-lasting type excersice from hiker’s point of view, let alone speaking the relaxing silence and beauty a snow covered forest can offer.



I have went once a week for a three to four hour skiing trip, covering usually some 26km, and I’ll try to keep doing this until the snow melts and one can do the same by walking.


Last autumn I also took a habbit to go by bike to work, which is 20km one way, and that makes some serious good for the legs. So when the spring allows, I’ll add that to my “training program” again and I’m confident that by the time comes, I’ll be ready for the mountains.


Hendrik from Hiking in Finland was writing a nice post about new gear or no gear for this year. My own gear list is looking very good and nothing really big is needed.  Although I had to replace my broken old base layer so for Xmas I ordered RAB’s Meco 165 merino wool baselayer from Ultralightoutdoor gear. Feels and fits nicely but can’t say yet more. Also as I didn’t have any bad weather gloves I thought I could buy the RAB’s Latok eVent gloves at the same shipping.

So looking forward to this year and I hope it’ll bring many great outdoor adventures for you guys too!