Gear for GR11: Cooking, food and water

LDT_Food_and_Water_01 Previously, I've been carrying 1,75 litres of water with two Nalgene bottles but for the hot GR11, I decided to extend my capacity with two ~0,5 litre water pouches. In addition to that, I'll take with me Sawyer Mini water filter but I might leave its cleaning syringe out as I believe the need of filtering water to be rare (passing by enough good water points). For cooking nothing has changed during the years. I still use my 0,7 litre Evernew UL titanium pot, which is just enough for one person, and Primus Express stove.

GEAR TALK: Kupilka bowl

I was very cunning and kind of gave a clear tip what would be a good choice for my birthday present. And haha, I have had a new Kupilka soup bowl in my hands for a while now! Since there are already very good reviews of this product out there, I won't go into very … Continue reading GEAR TALK: Kupilka bowl