Sunday walk

Finally we saw one sunny sunday here! I had some plans to stay at home the whole free day but in the end, the weather was just too nice for that.  I took my (half full for training purpose) Osprey Exos 58, some snacks and went for a four hour walk.

I didn’t plan my walk which usually means that in the end I will find myself from my favourite spot of these neighbourhoods -watching over the Helsinki-Vantaa airport:

Nice and refreshing afternoon exercise after sitting the whole previous day at the computer doing some serious film editing. Yes, I finally decided to put those video clips from the Alpine Pass Route together, and to make one epic adventure movie!:)

I’ll try to finish it during this week and post here then.



I thought to change the appearance to a more lighter theme. The slideshow in the last theme didn’t quite work in a way I would have liked. For some reason I was not able to select which photos to show there and which not. It took automatically all the latest photos from the posts so that would have led some troubles later on with smaller resolution pictures and so on…

Enough nonsense, and let’s put some interesting content to this post as well:

The Walking Englishman

Since my little bro is in UK at the moment, I feel tempted to plan a bit of hiking somewhere around there this coming spring.

I’ll make a more comprehensive overview of possible trails a bit later but here’s a good start for everyone who’s planning longer hikes in UK:

Long distance footpath interactive map by Mike Brockhurst, the Walking Englishman.

Very good map to start the planning process. I would guess it has the major trails marked on it, with good links for further investigations:)