Sunday walk 30km

The sunday walk series continues with another 30km push. The progress of the spring has been notable here in southern Finland and almost all the roads are clear already, birds are singing more and temperatures are staying in the positive side of the life. So why not to pack everything again and get the weeks doze of fresh air.

Todays route from Tikkurila to Vuosaari harbour

The first sight after leaving home was this curious old store bathing in the morning light. Not sure if it’s still open or not…

The first ten kilometers or so were pure road walking, surrounded by streets, cars, noise and dust. It helped a bit that I left at 7:00 in the morning. I didn’t mind walking on concrete and hard surface because I wanted to have more clues what to do with my hiking boots -should I buy a new pair or not for the Cleveland Way? I bought something anyway, new pair of merino wool underliners to test how the socks would affect.

Finally I reached the sea at the halfway of the journey. Wind was quite strong but fortunately mostly from behind. I passed by some beautiful forest areas along the way, some that I have to come to see again in the summer. Walking had felt good and chocolate consumption had been reasonable so far. It was time to meet my date for the outdoor lunch.

Aurinkolahti, Costa del Sol

I shared with my girlfriend the last adventure meal left from Hollands Kustpad-expedition. Great pasta bolognese! After that we had only some 6km left to walk together to reach Vuosaari harbour and bus ride back home. That last part stayed expecially deep in the woods and we met pretty much no one. There spring flooding gave the last obstacle at the end of the path before reaching the main road.

Practising had done good because the walking felt amazingly smooth even with the full backpack and my cursed boots. The new socks were great and the merino wool was worth of every penny. No blisters, no soring heels and sunny sunday. Grreat day:)

Next I hope to post some gear reviews.