Montane Air Jacket & RAB Kinetic Pants

I got today a package I had been waiting for:


Ultra Light Outdoor Gear had some nice winter sales (they still do) and I thought to make the Gear Purchase of the Year right away. I’ve been long wanting to update my rain gear so I grabbed a nice new jacket and pants from the sales.

I used to have very light Columbia over trousers (Omni-tech) combined with a simple rain poncho. I used these for example in the West Highland Way and the GR5 the last summer and although they had worked pretty well the combo is far from being perfect. The poncho has a crappy hood and unprotected arms whereas Columbia pants didn’t keep the rain out that long and after years of use they are now breaking down.


So, after some research the Montane Air Jacket sounded to be able to do the job. It’s extremely light (314 g size M) and has the eVent fabric. RAB Kinetic Pants in the other hand uses the Pertex Shield+ fabric (185 g size M). I haven’t really used either of these two technologies, my eVent gloves being the only exception, so I’m excited to see how they will perform.


I got size S jacket and pants (I have finally admitted to myself that I’m a small man) and they fit very nicely. First thing you’ll notice with the jacket though is that the front feels quite short but luckily the jacket is longer in the back. I don’t think it’s too short, just an impression. The pants have nice over the knee length zippers.




The jacket passed the initial shower leakage test without any problem. I stayed complitely dry inside as water drops had impossible task to penetrate the fabric. The pants worked also well, but as they have lesser HH than the jacket, I got a bit moist inside. (Air Jacket has 30.000mm HH and pants 15.000mm HH)




I’ll give my final verdict after using them outdoors but both feel well made. I have always fancied the black color but I’m absolutely loving the tangerine tone of this jacket!