33 Days in Alaska wilderness

(photo by Adam Steel)

Some of you may have seen this story before but I had to post it here as well. It’s just so epic! Breathtaking… definitely one of the most amazing adventures I’ve read in internet!

Some mind blowing statistics what these four guys did:

The numbers that shaped our world:
Size of Wrangell St Elias NP and Preserve: 13,200,000 acres or 20,587 square miles
Distance traveled: 430 miles: ~220 miles on land and ~210 floating
Time: 33 days: 25 on foot / 8 paddling
Distance on-trail: 0
Resupplies: 3
Bears: 14
Other park visitors: 0
Jars Nutella eaten: 5
Gallons olive oil used: 0.7
Hours of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) performed: 1.2
Width of tent space space, per individual: 15”
Width of foam sleeping pads: 20”

I’m out of words so go to check the whole travel report and amazing photos, and get inspired! Be sure to read the comments as well and learn more how it was all put together:

33 Days Across Wrangell-St. Elias NP, Alaska: The Southern Spiral

That’s a real long distance adventure in the wilderness I would say! I’m far from being able to do something like that, if ever could, nor would my mom ever let me:)


GR20 – Memories of a trekker

One day while searching through the GR20-forum, I found this great video made by Michele Custodero. I’m not able to think anything better for people who are planning to do some serious hiking in the island of Corsica. And even if not planning to do so, watch anyway this great hiking video!

GR20 – Memories of a trekker

Thanks Michele!