GEAR TALK: Osprey Exos 58 review

After adventuring through the Alps with a heavy Haglöfs Oxo 75 I thought please no more, there has to be a way to save some weight. It felt a bit stupid just to carry 3 kilos as an empty backpack. So I studied lighter options and this 1,1 kg Osprey pack caught my eye, and … Continue reading GEAR TALK: Osprey Exos 58 review


What an amazing adventure in every way but now it's done. We walked, scrambled, climbed and crawled succesfully the whole gr20 route from Calenzana to Conca in 11 sunny days. Plus 1 extra day was used for conquering Monte Cinto, the highest mountain in Corsica. Tough two weeks for both body and mind, and now … Continue reading GR20 DONE!