GR5 Trip video

I’m only at half way of editing the photos, but I’m done with the video already!:)

I didn’t spend too much time with this one as I had kind of a clear vision what to do. Again I would have liked to shoot much more material but it’s really battery consuming and exhausting, especially when you’re alone and there’s no one else to shoot at. I feel also that it often disturbs the walking experience if thinking too much about the shooting and to stop and set up the things too often. But I hope you guys like the outcome, at least editing was fun as always:


8 thoughts on “GR5 Trip video

  1. Hieno suoritus, onnittelut!
    Video oli myös kivaa katseltavaa! Tainnut mennä myös muutama metri edestakaisin aina kameran haussa..? 🙂

    • Thanks,

      It was a marmot, saw them almost every day. Then plenty of Bouquetins and Chamois goats along the hike, one Golden Eagle and that sympathic village dog that led me from one village to the next one:)

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