Day trip to Meiko wilderness

One day, while checking day trip destinations within a biking distance from my home, I came across with a name Meiko. I’ve had heard about the lake before, but the name still carried a veil of a mystery. A closer research revealed a perfect day trip destination; protected forests and rocky cliffs around a serene lake, that looked more typical to a Finnish lake district than being so far in the south. More about Meiko here (in Finnish).


I decided to go the next possible day that would feel even remotely summerish. (When the rest of Europe has enjoyed or suffered from hot weather, it has been more cold and rainy here in the north than usual)


The day came early July, and I hit the road eagerly. I hadn’t been in an adventure for a long time.

After 20km of easy biking in a nice summer sunshine, I arrived to the Meiko area, northwest from Kirkkonummi center. I left my bike at the parking lot near the waterworks building and walked directly to the lakeside. The very moment I reached the shore, I saw a family of black-throated loons nearby. After watching for a while what they were up to, I started walking around the lake counter-clockwise.


(map from


Time to times the trail headed deeper into a dense forest, but never very far. In the midst of the woods I had a staring competion with a hyper active squirrel, which I won easily. But other than that, the forest around the lake was quiet. The birds seemed to have a midday break and mosquitos had fortunately something else to do. I met only few other walkers.


After couple of hours of slow walking, I reached the western shore where a curious common sandpiper joined me. It kept me company for a long while and flew always in front of me to a next lakeside rock. I hope I wasn’t distracting its nest somewhere nearby.



After Duvarviken bay the trail climbed steeply up to the Meikobergen. From the southern cliffs opened up a great view over the serene Meiko lake and its most precious sight ; the nest of an osprey.


I sat down for a while, just staring the nest at the top of a tall pine on a small island. I was fortunate to see both of the ospreys circling majestically around. Black-throated loons were calling each other around the lake – a typical soundscape of a Finnish lake. The only distraction were few groups of sunbathers and their loud laughing coming from the rocks at the eastern end of the lake. Otherwise it felt like a real wilderness. I decided that Meiko deserves another visit one day.



This day walk was also the first walk with my new hiking shoes – Lowa Ferrox GTX Mid. I was tempted to purchase another pair of Lowa Zephyrs as in the end I was very satisfied with their performance, but then decided to try something new. Lowa defines Ferrox as a speed hiking shoe. They are slightly lighter than the Zephyrs, weighing 860 grams and having more flexible outer sole.

My feet got very sweaty when biking to Meiko and I got already bit worried, but while walking they cooled down to normal. The first impression of the shoes was good, but I’ll have to wait and see how they feel when walking a longer day with a proper backpack.