The Big Year 2015

Whether it's about knowing local history, cloud formations, notes on geology or botany, the more you're able to make observations of  the nature, the richer the hiking experience. I had regret for long of recognizing mere handful of different bird species. A year ago I saw the movie The Big Year, which tells a warm … Continue reading The Big Year 2015

Trip report: Seven Brothers hiking trail

"Jukolan talo, eteläisessä Hämeessä, seisoo erään mäen pohjoisella rinteellä, liki Toukolan kylää. Sen läheisin ympäristö on on kivinen tanner, mutta alempana alkaa pellot, joissa, ennenkuin talo oli häviöön mennyt, aaltoili teräinen vilja." With these words begins the famous Seven Brothers novel (1870) by a Finnish national author Aleksis Kivi, and now I was standing at … Continue reading Trip report: Seven Brothers hiking trail