Day walk in Croatia


A whole week to stay on a beach is too much for a hikers mind, even though the Mediterranean sea and sun offer a great relaxation experience. At the halfway point of our Dalmatian tour I really needed to put my boots on and visit the surrounding hills on the island of Korcula, which lies on the Croatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik.


Instead of going randomly somewhere, I followed this route:


At first the route followed the coastline before climbing up to the hills. The day was pleasantly hot, around 25 degrees of Celcius.



After a few hours I reached the Kocje area which was some kind of protected landscape. There were interesting rock formations and dark little caves, thick bushes and trees, bees and flies buzzing around. It felt a bit like an enchanted forest.


A perfect way to finish a nice day walk: pizza, beer and a sunset over the sea. Now I would have energy to lay on a beach the following days of our trip.