GR20 Ready to go!

They say it’s the toughest long distance trail in Europe… we’ll see about that early on tuesday morning when taking the first steps on the rocky paths of GR20. We’ll be flying first to Nice tomorrow and then on monday moving by ferry to the island of Corsica, and to the start line in the village of Calenzana.

Tough two weeks are coming that’s for sure. Feeling slightly nervous though the “practise” hike in UK went perfectly smoothly. Good to have good old Jack Wolfskin again with me (check the APR expedition report) and also our common friend mr. Patagonian Scrambler (code name). All packed, set and done, so wish us luck!

Mixing and getting ready the daily snacks


2 thoughts on “GR20 Ready to go!

  1. Good luck and have a great trip! I have still some time to enjoy the office following all the other guys having good time… But on July I get my revenge. 😉

    Oh, and don’t forget the common friend mr. Johnny Walker (non-coded name). Or preferably something better tasting, though mr. Walker has very striking name.

  2. Kiitti Jaska!

    Yep, on July will be definitely my turn to sweat at the office, and at the august as well:P Good advice that of mr. Walker, I wonder if there would be some space left in the backpack!

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