What an amazing adventure in every way but now it’s done. We walked, scrambled, climbed and crawled succesfully the whole gr20 route from Calenzana to Conca in 11 sunny days. Plus 1 extra day was used for conquering Monte Cinto, the highest mountain in Corsica. Tough two weeks for both body and mind, and now my knees are begging for some rest. It’s time to take a short break, to enjoy work and short Finnish summer, browse through the photos and videos, write the trip reports and post everything here in the near future. Big thanks to everyone supporting this trip and to my good comrades sharing the adventure.


10 thoughts on “GR20 DONE!

  1. Congratulations! Must have been a great trip. Though you might have already missed the most of the short Finnish summer, but I guess you had plenty of warm weather on the trail too.

  2. Thanks guys,

    Jaakko: Just sun and sun, but not too hot when starting to walk very early in the morning. Now I’m stuffing myself with new strawberries and potatoes and other summer delicacies:D

    Michele: Yep, we doubled up some. In the north we made stages 4,5 and 6 in two days by having the rest in di Mori. In southern part we just kept walking as it felt good and doubled up the stages 10 and 11, from Vizzavona to Bocca di Verdi.

    How was your trip this year? The southern part was quite enjoyable in my opinion:)

  3. Hey Antti,
    Everything went fine. The weather was excellent. We only felt that the southern stages were a bit too long and exhausting. In fact, apparently, the Parc people seem to be aware of this issue. It is of these days the decision to split the stage Usciolu-Asinau in two.


  4. Hello Antti.
    We missed you boys after Haut Asco. The rest of our trip to Vizzavona was great and we went for a couple of days at the beach in Calvi before hedding home. I have been two weeks in US, but Bård have been busy editing his video. We will send it to you when the voiseover is on.


  5. Michele: Good to hear that everything went well! Btw, one day I was watching again your famous video, it was so different to see it after beeing there by myself, was just great to watch and reflect it to my own experience on the gr20:)

    Hendrik, thanks mate! So many photos and so much to write about that it could take a while but I’ll try to publish the photos in a week or so:)

    Kristine: you got email:)

  6. GR20 is a sweet walk. It was my first long-distance walk in 2009 and I went heavyweight for tha last time. Recently had thoughts about re-doing it. I think it should be possible in 7-9 days if you wild camp and don’t keep the designated stages. But that’s just a thought. “Some
    ” pictures – Should bring back some memories.

  7. Antti, it’s the same for me when I get to see other people’s pics or videos. If you’ve been to a place you can reconnect the dots in your mind, and see it through other people’s eyes and perspective.
    So … I look forward to seeing your pictures :))


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