GEAR TALK: Kupilka bowl

I was very cunning and kind of gave a clear tip what would be a good choice for my birthday present. And haha, I have had a new Kupilka soup bowl in my hands for a while now!

Since there are already very good reviews of this product out there, I won’t go into very details. But here’s what it is all about:

*Kupilka 55 eating bowl
-Natural fiber composites material
-Volume 5,5 dl / 18.59 fl. Oz
-weight 180g / 6.349 ounces
-dishwasher safe

So far I have been able to eat only at home my morning porridge or muesli from it, but oh man it serves well. The feel and taste of the food is already like being outdoors, and in outdoors everything tastes far better! The look, feel and smell of the material is great and it’s easy to wash. I like the handle as well, in the other words so far I can’t give any criticism. Maybe the future adventures will show some.

Here are couple of good reviews that made me interested about Kupilka products:

Chad on youtube

Hendrik in Hiking in Finland

Kupilka website

I can’t wait for taking it to my next trip! I’m sure it was the missing element in my cooking gear:)


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