FREE Camping guide for GR5


As lot of people have asked me about camping and possible spots along the GR5, I wanted to publish a camping guide, which should answer to most of the typical questions. It’s complitely FREE, so just download it from the link below. I only hope that you could answer the simple poll if the guide was useful or not in your opinion.

Includes: General information about camping on GR5, a list of refuges, campsites and possible wild camping spots along the GR5 Alpine variant, all marked on the map.

ARantanen_GR5_Camping_GUIDE_FINAL (PDF, ~6.7MB)


7 thoughts on “FREE Camping guide for GR5

  1. Hello Antii,
    2014 was a bit different weatherwise!
    My wife and I had a couple of days at the very friendly camping at Lanchettes. Held up with rain and snow prior to getting over the Col du Palet. Access is gained through a gate on the trail beside the Ponturin river.
    Snow, and as some found out, difficult route finding in the poor visibility over the Col de la Leisse. The area around Peclet Polset is very fine with some superb mountain summits and crags before reaching the Col de Chaviere. The GR55 should not be missed!
    Many thanks for the camping details that you have put together in the document for us all to see.

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  4. Hello Antti, thank you for the camping guide and your trip reports. I’m just starting my research for the GR 5 Grand Traverse, your website is very useful! Having finished the Tour du Mont Blanc in 2019, I am looking for a trail with less crowds, and more (wild) camping opportunities, the GR 5 seems to meet these goals. Thanks!

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