Finally I can proudly present my first book, Yksin halki Alppien, although I’m of course nervous to hear how people like it. Anyway, this long but very rewarding project is now done! I hope the people who read it would feel the greatness of the magnificient hiking trail called GR5. The book tells the tale how my one month solo hike through the French Alps went in the summer 2013.

Kuinka tilata:

Helpointa ja edullisinta on suunnata verkkokirjakauppaan ja tilata painettu kirja sieltä: , tai Suomalainen , ovh 11,90 EUR.

How to order:

At the moment, the best way to order the printed book is from an online bookstore: , or Suomalainen , ovh 11,90 EUR.

Also, as I have some copies myself you could ask it directly from me. Just send an email to a.rantsu at with your details. The price is 11,90 EUR (including shipping inside Finland). I’ll update this availability list, also when the e-book is out.

ISBN: 9789523184411
Language: Finnish
Published: 02/2015
Pages: 176
Weight: 193 grams
Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH

Includes: Detailed and lively written travel story of my GR5 hike, artistic black&white photographs, a map and statistics sheet in color. Remember, it’s not a guidebook.

English translation is under work, but I can’t give yet any estimate.

I hope you’ll enjoy and please feel free to give feedback to a.rantsu at Big thanks to everyone who has helped and supported along the way!

Total cost of the project ~ 190 EUR

  • Publisher deal 99 EUR
  • Test prints 3 x 20 EUR
  • Text review service 30 EUR

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