Ascent: 1800 m

Descent: 505 m

Distance: 23 km

Time on trail: 7:00 – 16:00


A hard day of climbing ahead but the first obstacle was an impressive rocky gorge, Gorges des Tines. Some ladders assisted the climb through an enchanted forest that bathed in the first light of the day.





After three hours I reached the Cascade du Rouget (960m). I ate some lunch and got prepared for the next 800m of ascent.


After climbing more steep slopes I was about to leave the treeline behind.


I was afraid of this; everything began to look too snowy.


It was green behind but all white ahead. I had been hoping to camp at Lake Anterne but it was all winter there. I kept pushing forward to Col d´Anterne (2257m).




From the high col grand mountain scenery opened, with Mont Blanc beyond the first line of mountains.


No spots for camping but fortunately the owner of the refuge let me camp next to it on a small rocky ledge. This was the most amazing place I’ve ever been camping; I was able to admire Mt.Blanc massif straight from my tent door. I was worried about the next day though. The GR5 trail would ascent Le Brevent (2525m), right there on the left. It looked very steep and too snowy looking from this point. I heard mixed reports how difficult it might be at that moment. As I was hiking alone, I was thinking to get down to the valley of Chamonix by other, more comfortable route.


5 thoughts on “GR5 – DAY4, to MOEDE ANTERNE

  1. Hi Antti,
    It looks like the trail has not changed much but you had a lot more snow than we did.The only snow we encountered was far south on the col de chaviere. We did do the walk in 2003 when europe was having its record heat wave, we left on the 22nd august from st gingolph and arrived in nice on the 6th october if i remember correctly. when did you walk.

  2. Hi Mike,

    This year had been extremely snowy in the Alps and the spring was very late too. I was very nervous to begin the walk so early in the season. I did my walk between 27th of June and 22nd of July.

    Fortunately I managed but some sections were very tough and slightly dangerous too. That’s why I was thinking to skip Le Brevent and detour down to Chamonix. I had snow in the high cols all the way until Modane, the GR55 in Vanoise being the worst in that matter.

  3. We took the GR55 through the Vanoise aswell, one if the highlights but first day the weather was pretty dull with low clound so not too many views but when staying at the refuge we had a lammagier land on the grass out side the refuge, about 6 metres from us.

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