Next destination: Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Wales it is then! I’m super excited as it has been too long since my last real hike and UK in spring is a great destination. Feeling also a bit nervous as I booked this trip with very short preparation time; only one week to get everything ready and sorted out. I have done sports but not much walking exercises lately so I can only hope my body still remembers how to carry a backpack! Another thing that worries me is the weather in Wales. Prior to my hike Pembroke has enjoyed two weeks of warm and sunny weather. Does it mean that when I get there, it’ll be time for stormy fronts to arrive from the Atlantic, bringing rain after rain?


I won’t buy any maps so having only this guidebook. Navigation should not be any big issue; just keeping the sea on the left hand side! Besides the national trails are usually well marked in UK. My flights are to London, and then with a combination of trains and buses to Wales and back.

Btw, does anyone know if one can get a resealable (Coleman for example) gas canister somewhere around Kilgetty and Amroth?


Trail: Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Length: 300 km (11 walking days)

Location: Amroth to Cardigan, Wales, UK

Time: Spring 2015


Update 26.4.2015


Everything ready to be packed! I’ll be resupplying along the way and eating few times in a pub, but I like to have some portions already with me as well. And nothing beats the finnish chokolate! Btw, the weather forecast doesn’t look that sunny anymore as expected:)

11 thoughts on “Next destination: Pembrokeshire Coast Path

  1. So you’re doing it then, hooray! I’m all envy! 🙂
    I hope the weather holds (and if not, then I hope your waterproofs don’t fail you).
    I’m really looking forward to reading your post-trip report so that I can vicariously walk the trail, too. 🙂
    Good luck!!

    • Hahaa yes I’m doing it, although with very short notice period. I deciede to leave the Pennine Way for later, as spring time is best on the coast. Hoping to see some birdlife!
      Now to pack->

  2. Hi Antti. What an interesting plan you have got there. Hope the weather will be fine og your body will adapt to your backpack 🙂
    You could ad Twitter as a share button there is a lot of English walkers on Twitter.
    Wish you a great walk,

  3. Have a great hike! I’m envious 🙂 I found your blog while preparing for the Alpine Pass Route (also my first real long distance hike, and I loved it!). Looking forward to read about your experience in Pembrokeshire!

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