Where would you go this year?


14 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Still pondering between the TMB and EV15 aka the Rhine cycle route. Flying to Geneva, that’s for sure 🙂 Looking forward to hear from your tales 🙂

    • Hi Hanna,

      Yes I would like to go back to UK this year, perhaps in the autumn. End to end sounds quite hard and long walk, and not marked, maybe I should leave it for later. Pembrokeshire and Pennine Way are quite interesting, so the more remote Cambrian Way.

  2. Hi Anti!

    It will be hard to make a choice. Anyway, do make a choice. Between your books I discovered a Dutch one. A part of that track called ‘Kustpad’ is my responsibility to take care for. I maintain the marks and other problems I try to solve. A logical consequence of following the red and white marks during a halfyearstrip!

    All the best,


    • Hi Piet, great to hear from you!

      Wow, you’re marker maintainer, cool!:) Hollands Kustpad was a great walk. I really enjoyed it back in 2010. You can access my trip report under the “My Expeditions”-menu top of this page. There were few sections a bit difficult to navigate, but the guidebook is good. Even if I didn’t speak Dutch I was able to follow it.

      At the moment going to UK this autumn seems the strongest option. Now I’m busy with the GR5 book, and the summer is for football World Cup:)

      All the best,

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