Ascent: 428 m

Descent: 1175 m

Distance: 16 km

Time on trail: 7:20 – 13:10


The morning was sunny and made the terrors of the night to feel like a distant, bad dream.


I descended first to an Italian valley (still in France but the valley had Italian roots). While walking I hummed myself little part I knew of the tune of the Italian national anthem. Suddenly everything began to feel very southern: trees, grass and the air itself. There was a clear change in the landscape and I felt I had come a long way to south. It was a wonderful feeling, to notice such a progress.



From the valley the path climbed steeply up to a beautiful lake where I had my lunch break before starting the descent to Nevache.




Snowy mountaintops were more or less gone and crickets were signing when I reached the village. I was definitely more in the south now althoug barely at the half way of the GR5.


The previous night I had asked my home team to ask if my flight ticket could be changed as I had that option. I really hated to spend time in the destination after a long hike, waiting days for the return flight to home. I had still four extra days in my schedule, as I had used one for resting in Les Houches but getting it back when doubling up one stage in Vanoise. Walking felt just so great that for me there was not really any reason to linger on the trail too much. I waited anxiously to hear the results.


The news were exciting; I could change the ticket for a small fee to a very same date that I would arrive to Nice. But as the flight would leave early, I had to still double up one day which seemed possible. It was risky, but I like this kind of a challenge so I decided to book the earlier flight and fight my way to Nice on time. Feeling absolutely great; I had a clear schedule for the days to come without worrying what to do with the extra time. Now I just had to keep on moving.



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