Unauthorized use of your outdoor photos

I found out an article which showed how to use the Google Image search to look for your own photos online.

When you’re in the image search tab, there’s an icon of a camera in the right side of the search bar. Press that and it gives you an option to copy paste an image url, for example from your blog, and see if that spesific image is found elsewhere online. You can also add a photo from your own computer hard drive and check if that private image has been leaked to internet. But I would not recommend to upload your photos to Google servers to be checked, who knows what happens to them after that let alone speaking the questionable user terms of Google.

But anyway, I ran a quick check of some of my blog photos and this is what I found:

Photo of my RAB sleeping bag, taken by me at my patio has found it’s way to a spanish online store:

(edit: this store apologized and gave an explanation of mixed information between the store and RAB Spain. Perhaps I should investigate deeper because I’m wondering why RAB Spain thought that I’m their sponsored blogger?)


This article about GR20 is illustrated with familiar looking photos. Indeed, three out of five photos in the article are mine:



(edit: this website asnwered too and promised to correct the things. They were very sorry too.)

One hungarian outdoor website went the furthest, four of my photos were in their GR20 gallery THEIR LOGO added to them. But they were sorry and removed the photos immediately when I asked. Although no explanation was given. I have also contacted these two other websites.

I don’t mind if my outdoor photos are used elsewhere, it means they have been good in quality and that people like them. But the least one should do is to mention the origin of the photo. That’s where my line goes. And these examples I found clearly crossed that line. And it pisses me off if it’s done for a commercial use. But in the end, the result of my check wasn’t that bad as I was afraid that my photos would have been in much wider use.

Have you guys similar experiences?


3 thoughts on “Unauthorized use of your outdoor photos

    • Hi and thanks for your comment!
      I’ve been thinking to add a copyright text, but for me as a viewer is a bit of a turn off to see that so I prefer not to add them. They are quite easy to crop off from the picture too.

  1. Interesting and also sad. Apparently some people do not understand or respect copyrights? Which is unfortunately typical for internet. If you go and use someone else’s photos without permisson and don’t mention the sourse or even add your own logos that’s stealing. Not much need to explain.

    That said, I’ve done that too. Or the first of the three. Sometimes I’ve used a photo of a product from the manufacturers website stating it’s copied from there and also linking back to the website but not asking permission to use it. But I’m thinking that the manufacturors don’t actually mind this at all…

    I haven’t been checking for my photos, if you have to check them one by one it sounds a very laborous task to do, would be nice if you could check them foulder by foulder from the gallery. Hmm, I have to suggest making this function to the nice people of kuvat.fi.

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