Next destination: GR5 – The Grand Traverse of the Alps

Back in 2009 when we were getting ready for the first day of the APR, an old, muddy and weary looking French backpacker arrived to Sargans train station.
After chatting with him we learned that he had just done the APR, and camping the whole way!

Wow, we thought, what a tough man. As total beginners we promised to do an alpine crossing in similar harder way one day.

This July I’ll be finally that French man, hiking solo the spectacular GR5 from Lake Geneva hopefully all the way south to Nice and camping whenever it is possible. This trip will again raise the challenge by one level from what I’ve been experiencing so far. It’ll be tough but I hope the preparations have been sufficient.

Here’s the itinerary of the route.  My knees said that the descent stats are a bit scary but let’s hope all goes well. I have four extra days which I’ll be using whenever the situation needs. And if not able to finish for some reason, then I’ll just need to make my way to the beach of Nice by public transportation.

GR5 Route stats

I’ll be using the Paddy Dillon’s guidebook (Cicerone Press) and four IGN 1:100 000 maps that cover the whole route.

GR5 IGN maps

Couple of weeks time to get everything ready. And most of all, let’s already hope the weather won’t be disastrous during this July!


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