West Highland Way hiked and liked

West Highland Way

152km trail walked in six days, from which 3 were totally gray and rainy and the rest time to times rainy. Despite some heavy winds and even hales, the weather wasn’t fortunately that bad. The scenery was quite nice and snowy peaks all around was a pleasant suprise. The trail itself was quite undemanding having only few longer ascends and descents. I managed without any blisters or real pains, which was complitely the opposite as most of the walkers seemed to be experiencing: campsites, pubs and Fort William train station were all full of more or less limping hikers…?

West Higland Way

Nice trail for being my first solo hike. I met some great people but unfortunately I didn’t climb Ben Nevis… as usual, the trip report, video and photo slideshow will follow here later on!


3 thoughts on “West Highland Way hiked and liked

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Despite its popularity though it is nowhere near the nest trail, even of that length, in the UK, although its popularity can make it a fantastic social experience. Many of the blistered walkers are locals who have never walked before, and seem to think it is a good idea to try and walk 100 miles in 4 days. Feet like raw steak are quite common 🙂

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