West Highland Way, everything ready.

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to the land of Braveheart and Rob Roy, to experience the Highlands of Scotland. West Highland Way will be my path to take this time. I’m excited though the weather looks wet and cold for the coming week. Funny, I heard UK is facing some kind of a drought? Seems not to reach that far up to Scotland… but I’ve been telling myself that the weather forecast could be much much worse:)

Last sunday I did my last training and walked some 27 km, from Tikkurila to Leppävaara, with full backpack and faced no problems. So everything looks promising and I’m looking forward to spend my first night in the Power Lizard!

Vaude Power Lizard

Vaude Power Lizard quick test pitch the night before the trip.

Kerava river

Flooding Kerava river.

Some snacks

Some snacks for the trail.


4 thoughts on “West Highland Way, everything ready.

  1. Good Luck!

    Things are look a little damp this week – I hope you get lucky. Look on the bright side though – no midges 🙂

    What’s the itinerary for the week?

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