Sunday walk along Route 2000

After several months of not even thinking about hiking, I started to feel that itching again. I still have some stiffness in my knees from GR20 but I felt (too) well rested and ready for some new adventures. Summer here in Finland is coming to it’s end but temperatures are now really pleasant for walking. So I went for my usual daily walk.

I studied the map of this area and decided to check that Route 2000 again which I partly walked last spring. I had to go first by bus to Myyrmäki to reach the trail there, then I walked the part to the waterpark Serena before turning south towards Pirttimäki for a bus ride to home again. This made some 25km in total which I covered in five hours. Quite nice day and it felt good to be on a move again. There were no other hikers along the way, just some bikers and people gathering mushrooms.

I found the trail close to Myyrmäki, blue and white stripes indicating the Route 2000. Just through the tunnel into the wild…

There was a lot of room to walk I would say. A bit narrower path would have done the job as well.. In general this part of the Route 2000 was a bit disappointing what comes to trail condition: it was too good! I was looking for more muddy forest paths full of roots and stones. I didn’t see any wildlife either but it was definitely the mushroom time! But don’t touch the red ones:

From Serena to Pirttimäki there were several nice lakes to admire in fair autumn weather. From Pirttimäki goes then a bus on saturdays once in an hour to Espoo center.

Btw this was the first walk with my new Lowa Zephyr-boots. More about those later but they passed the first test well:)

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