Cleveland Way done

I’m back home from another beautiful expedition – Cleveland Way is succesfully done. Some 177km of unforgettable trail and landscapes walked through. Well worth of doing and would recommend it to every outdoor people. I’ll write more comprehensive trip report as soon as I have time, as well as putting together a short movie. Photos are ready anyway:) At the moment you can have a look at them HERE. What you think of them? I was quite happy with the performance of my Samsung wb2000 point and shoot pocket camera.


3 thoughts on “Cleveland Way done

  1. Very nice pictures! I’m looking forward to your trip report – if you take in wishes, please include a Finn’s perspective in it (I mean, what should be taken into account when backpacking in England – was it easy to find suitable places for camping (as there is no everyman’s right there), was the guide book you used useful, what kind of a stove you used and was it easy to get on the plane and find fuel for it, etc.).

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