Cleveland Way, ready to go!

In few hours I’ll be flying to Manchester for the first main hike of the summer. Quite excited feeling since it has been exactly one year since my previous multiday hike which took place in the Netherlands last spring.

The gear is ready and eager to go as you’ll see in the picture:) Few big chances are the new Osprey Exos 58 rucksack, Rab Alpine 400 sleeping bag and renewed camera gear. Well I actually downgraded my big and bulky dslr to a nice pocket camera, the Samsung wb2000. The photos in this and the previous two posts are taken with this little beast so it seems to be a good enough for my needs. It also shoots full-hd video:) Well after this trip I’ll be much wiser towards the new gear and how everything worked and that’s good info for the coming Corsica trip.

(photo from

The walking will begin sunday afternoon and after that me and my brother will have six full days to cover 177 km and to reach the exit point either in Scarborough or Filey depending on our progress. No hostels or hotels but sleeping in a tent at the camp sites along the route. Let’s hope for a fair weather!

Big thanks to all readers and those who have given support for this small expedition! Over and out for now, next post most likely after coming back since I hope to have an internet free week:)


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