The Cleveland Way guidebook

Wuhuuu I got some mail!:)

The mailman brought me a brand new official national trail guide of the Cleveland Way. I ordered it from Adlibris-online bookstore since I have an account there and they have a nice variety of hiking books. I’m so used to the guidebooks of Cicerone Press and their style, that at the first look I was really missing some elements and graphics in this one, but it seems to be a solid guidebook.

The maps are very detailed but unfortunately not all of the accommodation options are marked there… just some if comparing to the accommodation guide at the website. So I’m still struggling to make a perfect plan for camping through the whole trail.

The route descriptions seem to be clear enough but we’ll see this later in the action if getting lost or not.  But I think I won’t take any other maps since the waymarking should be quite good, and because the area is not that difficult wilderness area to navigate. Also this guidebook has a lot of information about the history of the interest points and villages, much more than usual hiking guidebooks so I’m looking forward to get to know the area this time a bit better.

I’m having now a few weeks break of long distance walking exercises because the roads here are very icy at the moment. The spring sun is melting the top snow layer revealing the ice underneath making walking quite an acrobatic performance. So better to wait for a while until the roads are bit more melted and then starting again.


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