NEXT DESTINATION: Cleveland way rescheduled


Easyjet decided to cancel my flight to Manchester, and just about week after booking it!!! Makes me wonder if they knew at that moment that some kind of spring schedules are coming because all the wednesday flights on that route no longer existed in spring. And in the email they didn’t even give any explanation. Nothing!

But, changing the flight was free of charge. Even to a more expensive one as long as it was the same route. So I’ll be flying two days later on friday the 13th of May. Uuhh. It will affect a bit to that perfect plan because I need two days to take care of some other businesses in England, and Sunday is a no go day from York to Helmsley (like Jesper mentioned about the transportation difficulties in the previous post)

Summa summarum: I’ll start the walk on Monday morning, and finishing in the Saturday evening having six full days to cover 177km, which makes quite tough 29,5km for every day. I might be forced to finish the walk in Scarborough.

Have to aim now for a very light pack. So far my practical field tests with Osprey Exos 58 have been promising and it has carried good loads once a week with ease:


2 thoughts on “NEXT DESTINATION: Cleveland way rescheduled

  1. Good luck on your trip!

    Hope the Exos works well, please report back how it handled the trip and transportation. I own one as well, while the back mesh system is comfortable I’m usually a bit worried that it might break. Going on an interrail trip this spring, but I’m not sure if I dare to take it…

    Have a good one.

  2. Thänks man and welcome aboard!

    I share with you the concern about the mesh system. It feels like a tiny cut somewhere would make the whole net break like dominos… Also the thin fabric in the bottom of the pack is a bit of a concern. I’ve place there a piece of cardboard so the sharp corners of milk&juice bricks I’ve been carrying from supermarket wouldn’t harm it:)

    So far so good, and haven’t found much criticism on the internet either. Just remembering to be careful with it.

    But I’ll report how it managed until the trip and during the trip:) Would be interesting to hear more about your interrail, and if you have any other option for the Exos?

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