England here I come!!! (the week 20 in May) More precisely North Yorkshire moors and the cliffs at the East Coast since this walk consist of two very different parts, at least what comes to the landscape:

(image from

The Cleveland Way is part of the UK’s long distance national trail network and should be well marked and easy to follow. The length is somewhat 177 km in total, and the average walking time around 9 days. However, I’m planning to finish a bit faster, seven days should be sufficient. And if for any reason that’s not enough, Scarborough is a good exit point in case of a hurry to catch up my return flight.

Because booking this early I found good offers from Easyjet and the flights from Helsinki to Manchester and back 60 eur in total. Not bad for the budget. And because camping during this trip the total cost shouldn’t get very high either and so sparing some money for the big trip of the next summer (perhaps the GR20). The access points of the trail are also easy to reach from Manchester.

I’m quite excited about this hike. It will be my first time in UK and seeing both the moors and coast will be great! There are a nice variety of long distance trails in UK and many would have gone to Scotland right away but for me this felt as a perfect option. I’m gonna share this hike with my brother who’s currently studying there in UK.

Here are couple of good websites:

*National Trails – The Cleveland Way

*TRIP REPORT by George Tod, 1999

*TRIP REPORT by Jordan family 2008

And to the end, quite nostalgic promotion video:

I’ll keep posting here how the planning and preparations will proceed:)



  1. Sounds like a good combination of different landscapes! 60 EUR for the flights – well, that’s a lot cheaper than a return ticket to Lapland… Looking forward to your posts on this trip.

  2. I did the Cleveland Way last September, and flew from Denmark to Manchester. We also got some cheap flights there, but getting from Manchester and onto the path and back from Filey to Manchester is not easy nor cheap. The bus from York to Helmsley only departs twice a day, so check the schedule in advance, and the train tickets from Manchester to York and from Filey to Manchester ended up costing more that the flight from Denmark and back! I think you might be able to get cheaper train tickets if you buy them online in advance.

    We did the hike/run in 4 days and had a great time – but be warned that the last miles along the cost to Filey are not very interesting, and there is aprox 1,5 mile from the end of the path to Filey.

    The path is very easy to follow and in very good condition. The only problem we had was shopping for supplies along the way. The path does not enter a lot of cities and many of the cities it enters are very small and hardly have any shops etc. But of course you can always find a pub along the way 🙂

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  3. Maria: yeah, traveling inside Finland is definitely not cheap. Especially for non-students.

    Jesper: Hi man, and thanks a lot for the info. Much appreciated! In 4 days… wow. That’s a marathon every day:) The trains tickets should be reasonable if booking well in advance like you suggested and that was my idea as well. I also checked the busses and my plan was to overnight in York and then take the early morning bus to Helmsley since I’ll have few extra days in UK before starting the walk.

    Good to hear you enjoyed the hike!

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