TRAIL TALK: GR20 overview

(picture from the APR)

As you may have noticed, the GR20 route is something I’m considering very seriously for being my main hike next summer. And why? Let’s have a look what it is all about.

The trail takes some 200km divided in 15 tough days traversing through this small Mediterranean island of Corsica and is described to be the toughest trail in Europe. It’s still just a tough walk and nothing to be afraid of, well not just a walk, many calls it an experience. But anyway mountain climbing is not required but some scrambling yes. There should be a good range of chains and ladders to assist on the more difficult parts. It shouldn’t be taken too lightly either but good preparation is needed.

The start point of the trail is the village of Calenzana in the north part of the island, and the end point quiet little village of Conca across the island. Since the route goes high up in very rocky landscapes the only other real village along the way you’ll go through is Vizzavona, which divides the route in two parts after the stage 9. It marks the half way and is a good ending or starting point if doing only the half of the route because of the railway connection. Otherwise there seems to be just refuges, farms and some skiing centers to provide a place to recover yourself after every stage.

I won’t repeat everything you’ll find from other websites, so I have gathered some useful links to help planning doing the GR20:

*This I would consider the main source of information. A good and active forum as well. Corsica for Hikers

*Ferry information. There are other companies as well but I found this one easy to look and book. Corsica Ferries

*The most informative video about the trail which I mentioned already earlier. Memories of a trekker

*Club Tread forum, very good info and travel report. GR20 in September 2006

*GR20 Travel report 2007 by Theo and Nadine ,North part, South part

*GR20 Travel report 2010 by Hannah Roberts

*GR20 Travel report 2010 by Richard

*GR20 Travel report 2009 by Jouni&Pude, (in Finnish)

*Ultralight hiking in Corsica, (in German)

I hope these links will be useful since it’s sometimes difficult to find people’s travel reports. In that GR20 has been a nice exception and there are good amount of informartion out there. If you happen to know any other good ones just post a comment and I’ll add the link!

And let me know if there are others planning the GR20 for the summer 2011!

2 thoughts on “TRAIL TALK: GR20 overview

  1. Hello ! My name is Alex and I’m thinking of GR20 this summer, let me know how the planning is going and how many people are going. Thx

  2. Hi Alex and thanks for stopping by! At the moment the planning is going great for the GR20 as well. It’s quite sure deal already! I’ll update here how the process goes… but it seems that there are at least two of us going, could be even five.

    I think the Cleveland Way will be a great practise hike and gear test for the GR20:)

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